About Us

The work of award-winning photographer and artist Susan Elise Shiebler has been exhibited in various national galleries, museums and cultural centers in the United States.

Susan has received numerous awards for her fine art and photography including numerous "Best in Show," First Place and "Most Popular" vote awards. Susan has worked for numerous years as a graphic artist and has been commissioned for public and private designs.

Originally inspired as a child by observing her father's photography and his masterful use of natural light, Susan began photographing landscapes and wildlife when she was only 10 years of age.

Years later, while signed with the Ford Agency in New York, Susan worked on photo shoots with many renowned and respected fashion photographers such as Bruce Weber and Titus Kana whose works have also since influenced her style.

Inspired by clean, classic artistic elements but not exclusively in a traditional style, Susan is preferably a natural light photographer. She works from her New York studio on Eastern Long Island.